International Resources

The Indianapolis region is home to 500 foreign companies from 36 countries

There are more than 500 foreign companies representing 36 different countries within the Indianapolis region. Roche Diagnostics, Hitachi, Fuji, Rolls Royce, Knauf Insulation and more call central Indiana home.

Indy Partnership works with site selection consultants and corporate representatives from around the globe and we are eager to meet your needs and exceed your expectations regardless of whether or not we speak the same language.

We have some materials translated into Chinese and German and more materials in additional languages will be added as they become available. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us directly and we will arrange for any translation services necessary to facilitate a productive and positive working relationship with you.

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International Relocation Assistance and Cultural Organizations

The following is a guide to the Indianapolis Region’s community resources for employers with international needs. The groups listed can assist international employers and employees connect with the diverse community of the Indianapolis Region, bridging cultural gaps and facilitating global cultural understandings. These invaluable resources can offer assistance in dealing with international company and employee relocation.

Relocation Assistance Organizations

The International Center

The International Center (INTLCTR) helps the greater Indianapolis community welcome and connect people of all cultures. The INTLCTR works to help employees, employers, and human resource departments deal with international relocation issues. Programs and services include cultural training, pre-departure and repatriation training, and other international worker relocation assistance. The INTLCTR also helps to direct international workers to other governmental and not-for-profit assistance. For more information regarding The INTLCTR’s relocation and training programs please call the organization at (317) 955-5150 or visit

Families in Global Transition, Inc. (FIGT)
Families in Global Transition, Inc. (FIGT) is a globally recognized nonprofit educational organization. FIGT offers information through conferences and publications to international workers and their families dealing with global relocation. FIGT works with representatives of the corporate, diplomatic, academic, and military sectors to share and gather knowledge regarding cross-cultural coping strategies and global transition issues. For more information about FIGT please contact their Indianapolis office at (317) 888-9678 or

Immigration Welcome Center
The Indianapolis Immigration Welcome Center works to connect newcoming immigrants to the Indianapolis Community.  At the core of this program are Natural Helpers, a dedicated group of multilingual volunteers helping the immigrant community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)
Indiana’s lead economic development agency, the IEDC oversees Indiana’s statewide business attraction and development efforts, coordinates state programs and incentives, and provides technical assistance, business expertise and funding to Indiana entrepreneurs and high-tech start-ups. IEDC has several offices located throughout the world to assist international businesses considering relocation to Indiana and the Indianapolis area. IEDC has offices in Germany, China, Japan, Taipei, and Taiwan, as well as an International Trade Office located in Indianapolis.

Cultural Organizations

The Nationalities Council of Indiana (NCI)
The Nationalities Council of Indiana (NCI) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer, educational foundation comprised of more than 50 ethnic or national affinity organizations, plus other groups, corporations, and individuals interested in celebrating and understanding Indianapolis’ diversity. The Council's website includes links to hundreds of multicultural and international organizations in Indianapolis and Indiana. The website also includes the only comprehensive directory of ethnic restaurants, markets and festivals in the Indianapolis area. This organization offers newly relocated employees and their families countless opportunities to connect with the diverse international community of Indianapolis.

La Plaza
La Plaza, Inc. offers services to empower and integrate the central Indiana Latino community. La Plaza works with Indiana’s Consulate of Mexico and other organizations to assist Latino workers and their families dealing with global relocation.

The Asian American Alliance
The Asian American Alliance aims to promote central Indiana’s Asian Community toward civic leadership and community service. The Alliance hopes to help Asian Americans develop and contribute in the Indianapolis area.

The Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI)
The JASI is supported by a diverse membership of individuals, families, businesses, and academic institutions, and offers help to Japanese businesses and employees dealing with international relocation to Indiana.

The Indiana Association of Chinese Americans (IACA)
IACA works to foster constructive citizenship on the part of Chinese Americans in Indiana. IACA offers wide-ranging assistance to Chinese citizens relocating to Indiana, and can help employers with the transition.

Indianapolis Chinese Community Center, Inc. (ICCCI)
The ICCCI is a volunteer-supported community organization that works to promote Chinese cultural awareness and to maintain the unity of the local Chinese community.  ICCCI provides services in teaching Chinese language, sponsoring public festival exhibitions, holding free health counseling, and organizing social activities for the local ethnic Chinese community.  

India Association of Indianapolis
India Association of Indianapolis is a nonprofit organization that brings together people of Asian-Indian origin who live in the central Indiana area. The group seeks to preserve, promote, and celebrate the multi-cultural aspects of India.

The various European community groups in the Indianapolis area include The IUPUI Max Kade German American Center (, the Swiss Club of Central Indiana (, the L’Alliance Française d’Indianapolis (, and many others. All of these groups work to promote and preserve cultural diversity in the Indianapolis area.

For more web links regarding citizen diplomacy and international involvement please visit and select the “Regular, associate, individual, and reciprocal membership” link under the members heading.